She starts to has actually a great crush toward Shawn, wondering how their sexuality get operate in sleep

She starts to has actually a great crush toward Shawn, wondering how their sexuality get operate in sleep

She looks like a supporting profile during the 12 months 1-3, one of the tritagonists in 12 months cuatro-5 and you may a supporting protagonist and you can a great deuteragonist so you can Tommy in the season six. She starred in an excellent flashback into the Season step 1 event nine of Power Book II: Ghost.

Season That

She’s produced since the closest friend away from Tasha, commonly spending time with their regardless of the. She will make it not a secret in order to Tasha, which often ignores the woman terms and conditions.

Season One or two

She noticed Shawn possess an interest so you can Tasha however, that doesn’t stop her off while making enhances for the your, something that anxieties Tasha. During the one-point, Shawn drives the girl house in addition they get acquainted with one another, together with her trying to get your in order to forget Tasha by making him forget about her telephone call and you may making out your. This leads to him developing a desire for the girl.

When he visits the lady apartment, she is skeptical of if he really wants the girl but is certain of the a hug and they have sex. After, she suggests in order to Tasha of come across which he was “good”, clearly enjoying the come across. But not, she notices Tasha’s jealous response and you may deduces their emotions per most other.

In afterwards weeks, she finds out you to Tasha is actually sleeping that have your afterwards, however, a whole lot more for matchmaking requirements. Yet not, LaKeisha is actually jealous of the two while the Tasha took a thing that try hers however, accepted it it doesn’t matter.

She was new next person to learn Shawn died, just after Tasha’s name. While this woman is unfortunate, she appeared to possess received over his demise shorter than simply the lady best friend.

Seasons Three

Implemented for the Season step three, LaKeisha try been shown to be an owner out of a salon into the Ny. In this health spa, she offers Tasha work indeed there when the she requisite additional money. Whenever Holly seems towards this lady salon, knowing she took Tasha’s earrings previously, LaKeisha will get vex but calms by herself according so you’re able to Tasha’s choice.

Keisha ran shed when you look at the seasons three finale since she was a student in this lady shop whenever Tommy came in and its own not familiar what he performed so you’re able to the lady.

Season Five

It’s after indicated that Tommy grabbed LaKeisha out of the area to hide the girl out of Milan. After the offense boss’ passing, Tommy returned in order to access the woman allowing the woman so you can reunite which have Tasha and you can allow her to select Angela the very first time and you will witness their raid the latest St. Patrick’s flat when you are to own evidence against James.

Season Five

Tommy check outs her and apologizes for their leaving off her. Then he informs the woman out of his food together with his dad and stepmother, revealing which he told them regarding the their as well as how she produced him happier within day along with her.

This woman is flattered from this and when he attempts to hop out, Keisha ends up your and forgives him just before claiming she’s willing supply him several other options in the event that the guy keeps it real which have the girl. It hug and also have gender. The very next day, she discovers your nevertheless there and you may making break fast on her behalf, albeit cereal but the woman is touched. She says upcoming the only way i will fuck with you for folks who i’d like to perform the cooking. Tommy was not answering Keshia’s messages otherwise calls. Keshia covers in order to Tommy’s domestic cheek hug Tommy informs this lady he failed to answer given that he was busy then he informs Keisha “You should get out of here today” Keshia states “Disperse just what hell is occurring”. Tommy will continue to give the lady to go out of Lakeshia cannot she tells Tommy “You altered Tommy I haven’t viewed you adore that it in advance of whats happening”. Tommy (SCOFFS) and you will states “Go back home Keshia i’ll call your later”. She says “Go homeward, ‘Keshia Endure we just had dinner with your loved ones your contacting myself your girlfriend when you look at the crap and now all to you banged up you cannot also keep in touch with myself Their Instance I don’t Even know Your”. Tommy up coming say “That you do not need to discover myself I damage anyone that becomes personal in my opinion i am a great goddam monster”. She then attempt to morale him. Tommy she states the guy continues to give the lady to get out. The guy finally reaches the point whereby hes instance “Could you Have the Shag Away from My personal Flat”. Lakeshia (EXHALES) and you may says “Shag You Tommy and stay the brand new screw off me personally”.

Later Cooper Saxe tries to rating Lakeisha into the snitching towards the Tommy and you will declines, Tasha and you may Lakeisha’s relationship ends up when Tasha wanted their to lie once more for her. Tommy attracts Lakeisha over and you can apoligies to help you this lady regarding lashing out for her. Tommy reveals so you can Lakeshia that he used to snort cocaine so you can rating higher however, end when he started to time her once more however, relapsed yesterday. Lakeisha claims she understands due to your losing his father. Lakeisha reveals to Tommy one to Saxe informed her from the Teresi and you may, tried to score the woman so you can flip initially however, told her to obtain your so you’re able to snitch towards Ghost once the CPS do just take the lady man from the lady.

Tommy evaluating her respect by covering up his firearm in sofa and also to establish if she actually is down having him. Along with he guarantees this lady which he commonly manage the lady and money. Lakeisha says that this woman is off.

Season Half dozen

Keisha suits Tommy’s mom, just who this woman is defer of the due to the girl designs and you will the second is not eg welcoming out-of the girl. Yet not, Kate growth esteem on her shortly after Keisha defends the lady son from bullies.

When you look at the Into the Kid, Keisha try bad from the improving the St. Patrick’s but happens with it to save Tariq. She raises a legitimate point on ensuring when your mob won’t eliminate Tariq no matter if it get paid. Ghost agreed and you can Tommy got BG help your kidnap certainly one of Vincent’s people.

When you find yourself assaulting along the firearm Tasha affect shoots Keisha on tummy. Horrified because of the the lady tips, Tasha understands that Lakeisha has grown to become a loose avoid and cover the girl son she has to help you die. Keisha pleads Tasha on account of Cash and you can Tasha thinks about on it. After a moment from hesitation, Tasha activities you to definitely finally apology so you’re able to her and you can fatally propels Keisha regarding head. Guilty, Tasha then flees the bedroom. When Tommy returns towards the household to intend to the woman, the guy places their corpse. Refusing the girl boy to be traumatized by vision from their lifeless mother, Tommy possess Dollars Grant stand straight back while he mourns the woman death and glares on band he supposed to give the lady.

Tommy put Bucks so you can his father, for the latter being distressed of the Keisha’s demise and giving an excellent give to assist.

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